How to Make A Yarn Bowl

    I made this gorgeous bowl out of yarn from the dollar store and modge podge. I then embellished the bowl with sparkles. I’m obsessed with sparkles and what better way to celebrate the holiday season than with sparkle! You will need the following: yarn modge podge a balloon sparkles Newspaper or wax paper […]

Upcycled Christmas Ornaments

    This amazing craft is so beautiful and easy to make. I changed all my regular bulbs to led lights in my home and save all the old light bulbs. Instead of throw the bulbs away, I decided to glam the bulbs up with sparkle and use as ornaments for Christmas. You will need: […]

Decorating for Fall

      My Daughter and I had a blast turning cheap looking Fall ornaments into chic masterpieces. A little glitter and modge podge goes a long way! You can go to a hobby store or the local dollar store and purchase artificial pumpkins and gourds, some autumn garland and battery operated tea lights to […]

Homemade Reed Diffuser

      I love to have fresh smelling scents in my home. The only faux pas that I have with scent products is the artificial ingredients being filled in my home. I decided to take a more holistic approach in scenting my home by creating my own diffusers.   It is quite simple to […]

Dollar Daze

        My daughter and I love decorating our home. We are always dreaming up ways on how to decorate and brighten our space. We love going to decorating stores to get ideas to incorporate in our home.  Just by re-arranging your furniture or moving items around, shifts the energy in your home. […]

Getting The Sparkle On Once Again

      This easy and fun project transforms a paper doily into a beautiful bowl. Make sure you cover your work surface with a sheet of plastic as this project can get quite messy. If you are not into the sparkle, leave the doily white or paint it with your favorite color. Use this […]

The Glitterholic At It Again!

      My obsession continues with sparkle. Summer is quickly coming to a close and I am already thinking about the holiday season already! Hello! It’s August! I made this bowl not just for the holiday season but it can accessorize many rooms in your home. No holiday required. It is so easy to make […]

All That Glitters!

      This project is so easy and most of all, not messy. I love crafting but some projects just become so messy. Get your kids involved and spend an afternoon decorating storage containers to organize their room or bathroom. Go to your local dollar store or hobby store and choose what ever embellishment […]

Covered Button Magnets

    Magnets come very handy around the house. I know it is in my house. I post art work, appointments, calendars etc., on my magnetic board and my fridge. Pretty up your postings with these cute magnets! Visit your local fabric store to find pretty fabric scraps or recycle with what you have at […]

Unleashing The Inner Princess

    There’s one little confession I have to make, I love sparkles. That’s my little weakness. Not too much, but there’s something about a little glitter that just makes me melt lol! When it comes to a manicure, I love to have my ring finger all glittered up! So I went again to the dollar […]