Cranberry Bliss Bars




So my Chrismas baking continues. I’ve made my version of Starbuck’s Cranberry Bliss Bars. What a way to celebrate the holiday season than with a white chocolate cranberry treat! This recipe is really easy to make. You can make the crust ahead of time and freeze until ready to use. Frosting can be added when ready to use. Let the bars refrigerate for a few hours before serving. This treat can also be served on Valentine’s Day. You can cut the crust with heart shaped cookie cutters then frost.

I love Starbuck’s don’t get me wrong, but not a fan of their pricing. Prices have gone through the roof. You can make a whole tray of this at home for a fraction of the price.

I cut the bars into bite sized squares and placed the bar into a small paper liner and gifted to friends along with my other baked goods. Spread the cheer! I truly believe in spreading gratitude through my baking! 😘


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