Archives for September 2016

Chicken Soup for The Soul

      Here in Canada, the days are slowly getting shorter. It feels like the minute the Fall Equinox rolled in, my body instantly turned tired and I’m really trying hard not to get sick. I’ve started to bump up my Vitamin “D” dosage and crafting up some delicious soups! At my children’s request, […]

Eating Through the Fall Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats

    Autumn is my time of the year. Maybe because I was born in Autumn I have a special connection with the season. How can you not like the crisp weather, the beautiful colors and most of all the comfort foods! Call me a pig but I am dreaming up all these delicious comfort food […]

Decorating for Fall

      My Daughter and I had a blast turning cheap looking Fall ornaments into chic masterpieces. A little glitter and modge podge goes a long way! You can go to a hobby store or the local dollar store and purchase artificial pumpkins and gourds, some autumn garland and battery operated tea lights to […]

Falling into Routine Again

      Fall has arrived, the kids are all back at school and we are all back into routine again. To me, time just flies by so quickly.  One thing I must say, this to me is the most beautiful time of the year! The world around me is turning into beautiful hues of […]

All Natural Floor Cleaner

      I’m always looking for a natural alternative to household cleaners. To me, it is important to find ways to eliminate chemicals and toxins from the home. White vinegar has become my best friend. I clean and disinfect my counter tops in the kitchen with white vinegar. Vinegar is a natural antibacterial agent […]

What to Make For Dinner

      I have a confession to make. Making dinner literally gives me anxiety. Lol. Rushing home, and figuring out what to make simply stresses me out. I have one child that hates to eat carbs and refuses to eat rice or pasta and just wants meat. The other hates meat and only wants […]

Homemade Reed Diffuser

      I love to have fresh smelling scents in my home. The only faux pas that I have with scent products is the artificial ingredients being filled in my home. I decided to take a more holistic approach in scenting my home by creating my own diffusers.   It is quite simple to […]

Dollar Daze

        My daughter and I love decorating our home. We are always dreaming up ways on how to decorate and brighten our space. We love going to decorating stores to get ideas to incorporate in our home.  Just by re-arranging your furniture or moving items around, shifts the energy in your home. […]

It’s Back to School Again

      Well, today in many countries marks the first day of school for a lot of children out there. We’re back to reality. Summer sure has flown by so quickly. In preparing the children for back to school or even for us parents, we need to stay on track on eating healthy even […]

Harvest Time

      Well, I have to say, I cannot believe that September is here already. Where has the time gone! It seems like time flies when you’re having fun! Now is the time to start the back to school shopping, running around to get all the appointments done before the kids start school. September […]