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Making Home Made Bagels

      I had so much fun making bagels! The outcome was so rewarding! The no carb movement just doesn’t work for me. It’s just not in my DNA. I am of Italian descent so NO. But everything is good in moderation. Eating carbs in the morning and sticking to protein and veggies for […]

Rosemary Crostini

  Have you ever had crostini? Crostini is a toasted bread infused with olive oil. Once complete, it almost tastes like a cracker. Perfect on its own or accompanied with a dip, cheese, salami the options are endless. A package at the grocery store is so expensive. Why buy it when it’s so easy to […]

Chocolate and Roasted Marshmallow Ice Cream

      I cannot believe that it is already the end of August! Where has the time gone? I guess time flies when you’re having fun! Before you know it, we will all be waking up to crisp cool air in the morning. To be honest, I do not mind. I love fall weather. […]

How to Make Italian Meatballs

        I love making meatballs. It’s a meat dish that can have so many functions. Make a batch to flavor your tomato sauce, serve it as a side dish with your favorite salad. Add as a topping to your favorite pasta dish. What I love about meatballs is that you can choose […]

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Over Night Oats

      The obsession continues with my overnight oats! Thinking of delicious flavors to add to my overnight oats have taken over my mind – lol! I made this for yesterdays breakfast and it was absolutely yummy! Banana, chocolate and peanut butter! How can you not say no! I don’t even like peanut butter […]

Getting The Sparkle On Once Again

      This easy and fun project transforms a paper doily into a beautiful bowl. Make sure you cover your work surface with a sheet of plastic as this project can get quite messy. If you are not into the sparkle, leave the doily white or paint it with your favorite color. Use this […]

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

      They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m a true believer in that. You must fuel your body for the day. There’s no excuse that there’s no time. If I can manage, you can manage. Organize yourself the night before. This recipe is so easy to make. […]

Catching Up With the Girls

    Mom therapy 101 is to gather up the gals once in awhile and have a bitchfest. Be it over for breakfast, at a café, or at an outdoor patio just make it happen! I had mine at my house, in the backyard patio over coffee and homemade chocolate coffee cake.  We laughed, cried, hugged… OMG what fun! Our […]

The Glitterholic At It Again!

      My obsession continues with sparkle. Summer is quickly coming to a close and I am already thinking about the holiday season already! Hello! It’s August! I made this bowl not just for the holiday season but it can accessorize many rooms in your home. No holiday required. It is so easy to make […]

Spending the Afternoon with My Mom

        This is blog is dedicated to two special women in my life. My mom and my daughter. My daughter is always asking for my mom’s traditional recipes that have been passed down to her.  My daughter wants to document all my mother’s recipes and stories of our Italian culture. So this blog was […]